Rota textile is your reliable business partner in the Turkish market for many products with its emphasis on woven fabric textiles.
Company Profile

Rota textile is a foreign trade company situated in the heart of the textile market in İstanbul, Turkey. Having good business relations with the biggest manufacturers here allows us to find precisely what our customers request from us. We generally work with some of the distinguished wholesalers and agencies in the European and US markets.

Basically, we strive to establish and sustain new business transactions between professional manufacturing companies in Turkey and foreign importers who wish to find reliable business partners. We are extremely careful in choosing both parties and adhering to the regulations within the framework of international trading formalities and ethics.

All experienced in the Turkish market for a wide variety of products, our team consists of hardworking business associates having a good deal of knowledge of all the regulations that will help proceed your transactions smoothly and in conformity to all the laws and regulations.

In summary, we aim to be the leading company in providing what our customers need, just the way you wish.

Our Mission

Rota” means “Route” in our language. Our route is destined for “Perfection”. And we never compromise from that goal en route.

Our commitment to:

  • Innovative perspective
  • Customer satisfaction
  • High-quality
  • Competitive pricing
  • On-time delivery

is what makes us stand out among our rivals.